More Cyber Risks

It News recently reported that The Australian Communications and Media Authority has launched an online portal for ISPs and network operators to log-in and check which IP addresses on their network might be infected with malware.

The new AISI (Australian Information Security Initiative) portal sources data on infected computers from 17 private sector organisations including Microsoft and The Shadow Server Foundation, which is then aggregated into a data set accessible by 139 internet service providers and educational institutions.

Over the last nine years, phishing alert data has been sent to ISPs and other network operators via emailed reports.

Evan Jackson, Guardians Managing Director said Cyber crime is becoming one of the biggest risks to business in Australia. Every week we are learning of new malware and hacking attacks. Many businesses don’t understand the cost of cleaning computers and restoring records he added. That’s why Cyber Insurance is so important.

Read more:,acma-creates-self-service-portal-for-malware-diagnosis.aspx#ixzz3KJMqN1JU

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