Insurance Health Check
Insurance Health Check


Is your insurance program a disaster waiting to happen?


A Guardian Insurance Health check will give you more than just peace of mind


At Guardian we believe that the basis of an effective insurance program is a good understanding of our clients business and their risk appetite.


The fundamental basis of any insurance program is insuring risk or determining how much risk an business/organisation is prepared to self insure and how much they wish to transfer to an Insurer.

There are a wide range of insurance policies available and it is important that an insurance program is tailored to meet the businesses/organisations specific requirements.


In providing an Insurance Health Check Guardian hope to be able to assist you to make some of these decisions and transfer the level of risk that suits your business/organisation.


Our aim is for you to have peace of mind around your insurance arrangements so you can focus on what you do best.


Following an initial meeting with you to gather information and gain an understanding of your operations, we will undertake a comprehensive review of your existing  Insurance Program.  Once complete we will meet with you to present our report and discuss our findings.


Our report will include the following information:


  • Executive Summary
  • Risk Profiling specific to you industry sector
  • Gap Analysis including review of your Disaster Recovery Plan, Financials, Property Valuations etc
  • Uninsured Risks Checklist
  • Contingency Planning
  • Risk Management Identification Sheet
  • Sample Risk Matrix
  • Building Sum Insured Calculation - if applicable
  • Business Interruption Sum Insured Calculation - if applicable

There have been some significant changes to legislation recently with the introduction of new Work, Health and Safety Legislation, the proposed Harmonisation Laws and the new Carbon Tax to name but a few.  These changes can have a significant impact on the way your policy responds to a claim or the adequacy of your sums insured.  For Example : Would you be covered if you were fined for a breach of the new WHS legislation?  Our report will address these issues where they are relevant to your industry sector.


Finally, our report will include a brief introduction to Guardian, Our Vision and Our Money Back Service Guarantee.  An initial fee of $500 plus GST will be applicable however if you decide to partner with us as your insurance provider this fee will be deducted from your account.


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