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Client's face million- dollar fines and bankruptcy 

Brokers have been urged to ensure their commercial clients comply with the new Work Health & Safety Act 2011, as they may be at risk of being slapped with penalties running into millions of dollars.

The Work Health & Safety Act 2011 came into force at the beginning of the year in South Australia and Tasmania, following in the footsteps of NSW , Queensland, Northern Territory and ACT. It is likely to be introduced in Western Australia before the end of next year, but despite its almost nationwide implementation, it is thought that few businesses understand its implications. 

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Using the Internet to Generate Leads

by Michael Harrison

The rise of the Internet has irrevocably altered the world. Today, we shop, communicate, socialise and find entertainment in the online world. For businesses, the growth and spread of ecommerce has had a tremendous effect, enabling small businesses to compete with major international firms.

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Revenge - A Business Concept

by Martin Grunstein

Psychologically, the strongest drive we have as human beings is self-preservation. And that is closely followed by revenge! 
For over 25 years I have been running customer service workshops and during those workshops I ask people to relate their poor customer service experiences and I ask them how they react after they have had such an experience.

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Getting Prospects to Call You Back

by Michael Harrison

Voicemail is a fact of life. It allows us you to decide if and when we want to return calls; it puts us in control of our day, and it gives us time to prepare the information we need before calling back.

The challenge comes when we come up against voicemail in a sales situation.

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Lead Generation in the Digital Age

by Michael Harrison

Not so long ago, lead generation, which we used to call prospecting, consisted of making a cold call, throwing some money at radio, TV or other media, or sometimes asking for a referral.

What's changed?

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